Oh no….

Today i am feeling emotional. I don’t know why and have no one to talk to. This is not a nice place to be. So tempted to message T but don’t wanna. She’s tightened the boundaries. Pfft. I so bad want her to just think that at the minute i am doing ok. I went to the gp’s and have mpre pills. He didn’t seem convinced about therapy though. He does have my letter though and he kept ot so he knows whats what and about my DID. His face was a pictuee when i told him i wanted refering for therapy and that i was DID. He was like errr thats not very common. Well i say no shit sherlock and i don’t need a degree to tell me that!!

Never mind though. He did keep the letter though and i wanted it for my future reference. Maybe T woll send me another copy. The gp says i’ll get a call in a few weeks. From some therapy thing for counselling. I don’t wamt counselling. I want therapy!!! There is a difference!!! I’m just gonna have to keep on at them. I wanna see this T a bit first though. So i’m secretly hoping that the other tales a while is that bad?? I wont say no to seeing thesebother people when they call but yer. I’m off anyways Jessie wants to start his part of the next e-mail to T. She may only allow 2 e-mails right now but i have a feeling they will be quite long. Wups.



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