So today has been interesting.

I said i would be back to blog about what happened with the t. Well good news is that i think i should be starting to see her in Jaunary which i am happy about for the most part. Only once a month for an hour though, that is better than not at all though and i know she’s kinda doing it off her own back. Now she has also said that i can email her twice per month. That mean 2 messages over average 30 days, roughly 620 hours, and god only knows how many minutes! That prospect scares me. Maybe it could be like 2 a month for general stuff, but an extra one each week just incase of something super bad.

Say also that if i message her once and she replies and then i feel that her reply warrants an answer. Does that count as a second time for the month?? I’m easily confused. I gotta go GP’s tomorrow anyway for more happy pills. Whilst i am there i have to take a referral letter and ask them to refer me to adult therapy service. Which can take upto a year. So i’ll have this t in the meantime.

Now we gotta wait to see if her manager gives her seeing me the go ahead. More waiting i guess, but things are looking up at least.

So in your face rollercoaster life. Today i am not terrified. Today i am merely a little anxious but a big bit happy. Anyway i gotta go. Bedtime.. Jessie wants to cuddle his Fonzie bear.


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