Christmans is damn expensive…

Today i realised that i am in the christmas spirit. Meaning i have realised chrisrmas is damn expensive . That must be what xmas spirit is cause everyone else says the same. I must have spent £3/400 so far bearing in mind i don’t have any children. Also i’m not even done buying thins for people yet bezt part is. This year i had to cut down my list of people alot. There’s probably about 7 kids and 20 adults. Doesn’t sound much when i say it like that, but it definately hit home putting my pin number into the chip and pin machine!!! Still i shouldn’t complain. In return for me skinting myself on xother peoples kids i will receive some pointless bodysprays i’ll never use. Great. Now that’s christmas spirit.

Having said that it hasn’t been a bad day. I managed to sort out the list for xmas dinner with my sister. Seen as this year i’ll be accommodating the 5000 and feeding them. Not sure whether my own mother will make an appearance thiugh. Her loss though. I am looking forward to having my sister, her partner and 2 kids, one age 4 and one age 1, they are staying xmas eve through til the day after boxing day. So i wont have time to think or worry about anything bit cleaning up after them. I hate mess. It could be stressful a bit. It’ll be nice seeing the kids open their pressies though. Kids make xmas afrer all. Also Jessie will be able to sit with them and play a little which will be great for him.

Jessies happy today. Some of his ebay stuff came and the people on ebay had sent felt tip pens instead of glitter pens. Jessie was a little upset so i messaged the people on ebay and explained. They were kind enough to say that as apology they will send some glitter pens out free. Saves me havung to buy felt tips so all is good, and Jessie was over the moon. Yay. I like him to be happy. He’s waiting for the rest of the stuff to come then is gonna draw his first picture for the therapist. Bless him.

Anyway i’m going. Bathtime and chill time. Wrapping all those presents was hard work. Bye

Elllo i be Jessie. i am 6 yeers old. i wonted to say elllo. i gor go now. myn big be wont to cum bak. by ebribodi.


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