I hate waiting…

Don’t you just hate it when you are waiting for something and the day just seems to drag?? I don’t wanna wish time away or anything but i’m feeling aprehensive and feel like i’m waiting for something life changing. Although really what i’m waiting for shouldn’t matter. It does though. Quite alot really. Lamd to the slaughter, thats me! Maybe my e-mail servers down ?? Maybe i should just be patient.

There is inner chaos going on inside right now. Little Jessie is worridd and has been sad all day. He didn’t even come out to pick some stickers when we were shopping earlier. I thought they would have cheered him up. He just doesn’t like not knowing. The others don’t help Shivon has nothing good to say about the t and James and Nat are been miserable in a corner cause they are fed up woth Jessie whining and don’t wanna do anything to comfort him. Typical lazy teens. Thank goodness for g’ma, she’s doing her best by Jessie and the others. I just hope we don’t have to wait much longer.

What can i do to cheer us up? I visited my sister. Went shopping with fiance and his mum. So we had enough to do! Oh and brilliant, my phones pinging at me to go on charge. Bath time cut short. Has anypne else realised that it’s easier to relax with your head under water? I can think freer and sort things in my head. We must spend roughly 2 hours each day layed in the bath. Half hour of bubble play for Jessie. Then kindle and blogging or something for bigs. I haven’t dropped my phone in the water… yet!!

I better go…

**big sigh**


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