Inner conflict.

Today i am struggling with my DID. My alters are being impossible. The different opinions going through my head is unbelievable. We are struggling to be a unit today that work together and support each other. Something has sparked uproar in the system. I am unfortunately clueless as to what and my alters are not willing to tell me. Do i really wanna know?

Poor Jessie my little is sad. He’s been pushed away. He’s a little boy that craves affection and just to be accepted. He does everything he can to make people like him. I admire his innocence and his naive ways. Although for a little boy he knows too much badness and that certainly makes me sad. Mommy and daddy are sorry Jesssie that they didn’t protect us or see that you were hurting. We all love you baby and wont make you do anything that hurts. Lets al have an inner snuggle. Come together and work together. Please, i cannot cope without you all. You are my only friends.

Thank you for being there DID


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