You know you are DID when you come across messages you don’t remember sending. When there’s assorted childrens books and genre of books on your kindle. Most of which you would never read. You definately know you are DID when you are browsing ebay, end up looking at stickers telling yourself off for looking whilst at the same time havimg a tantrum in your head because not buing them crosses your mind. So i’m waiting for some stuff to arrive. Coloured pencils, glitter pens and lots of stickers. Jessie, my little cannot wait for them to arrive. They are for him. Although i have a headache because he’s stamping his feet cause i didn’t get any alphabet stickers. Oh well the big kids will help him write his name on his new sketch pads. Kids eh!! It is really rather good having a child part. I understand why he exists too. I never got a childhood. Not as i should have. Through no fault of my own. I therefore enjoy having a super huge fonzie bear to cuddle and buying colouring pads. Although i wish Jessie wouldn’t spend £20 on said otems. I say Jessie because despite the fact that i am co-consciius most of the time with my alters. I still find them controlling me and encouraging things they want rather than things i do.

I find messages that i didn’t send. Containing information i did not want to share. Jessie sends messages to a therapist he should mot seek help from. Things are extremely complicated. I hope my alters can stop using my e-mail account. They are gonna end up getting me in all kinds of trouble. Ok o’m barely co-conscious. Damn i need to work on getting control.


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