Realising that this is all you’ll get

What does one suggest is the best way to overcome the realisation that things really are npt going to get much better? I can understand why, i mean the past will never change but it seems tgat i letting that shape my whole future. Will i ever be normal? Maybe this is normal. The more i read and browse the internet the more i realise that i’m one of many that had a childhood like mine. I guess perverts and neglectors are more common that victims surviving though? What do you think? Gosh i’m rambling today! Rambling helps though. Simple as that so i will continue rambling.

I am beginning to accept today that i have to make changes for myself. No one will do it for me! I’m not sure i am ready for the big change that is required of me! I’m so anxious and worried about whats gonna happen. God i need therapy. Never know January, new year, new start. Ha!


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