How thankful i am!

I have been sat here and gotten to thinking. Whilst my apparent beloved is sleeping still a 4pm, talk about a lay in, i’m thinking that at this moment. I am so thankful for youtube!!! Brad Paisley makes the sun shine inside me! His songs are truely beautiful. I get myself wondering whether beauty only exists in something as unrealistic and untrue to life as music? Does a person really portray themselves so wonderfully on a day to day basis, just like you see them in their music? Is everything they say just an act to gain themselves popularity? Are they really as nice a person as you’d expect them to be! Still for youtube i am so thankful.

I am realising that no matter how many friends/acquaintances we may have, it’s most likely that none of us can say our friends are just that for no reason. Just because they enjoy our company. Everyone is using you for something, whether it be something major or something as tiny as just so they are not lonely. Today my system says that we need to realise that no matter what it’s never as plain black and white as it seems. Shivon wants me to let go of hope! For the one person Whos care i thought was unconditional, but it’s not! A therapist is just that! Not a friend! They need to switch of from us too right? We are important to them, but anyone who is seeing them will know that they are a whole lot more important to us. We need to stop being so reliant on others. We should know this. Anyway, i;m going back to music! I hate weekends i have too long to think and not enough to do. Right now i feel like i daren’t even go out! Typical when i need to do mundane tasks like shopping! Blah blah blah!


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