First post and where do i start?

I think it only common sense that maybe i ought to document what i call life. It’s good and bad times and all that comes in between. I am beginning to realise that the Internet is somewhat a safe haven for me and my alternate selves to be open and free to express ourselves. Diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder about 4 years ago i can safely say that life has had its ups and downs. I like to think that i have things under control although reality may look further from control than total anarchy!

Hence my need to blog and document things maybe. I think that it will be nice and beneficial to have something to look back on! For all of us. We have come so far up to now and jumped many hurdles, crawled under some too. It’s crazy the cards we were dealt in life, but i will not let this be my maker!!! I am me, we are us, they are nothing.



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